Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dresser Make-Over

You know that dresser you get for free, never Reaally like, but it does the trick, and some day you'll maybe redo it!?
Yep thats what happend here =)

Everything else in our kids room is an off white/white color except this dresser...

and so with a little paint and new hardware this is what it looks like now!
I am loving the shabby chic look of this dresser!



Monday, April 16, 2012

One Spring Sunday

We had a beautiful Sunday, and the kids have been dieing to try out their new fishing poles..So to the pond we went.

Were still working on the whole casting thing, so for now it's just the toy weights at the end and Dad teaching how to cast.

Trace wishing he could join the action..

 Our afternoon was spent celebrating this little guys 1st birthday!

Shelton =)

The kids enjoying their treats and sweets!
The food was delish, the fellowship enjoyable & the kids had a blast!
You put together an awesome party Emma ;)

 Little buddies, love how they are growing up not to far apart ;)

~Blessed Beyond Measure

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Blessings of Easter

Happy (late) Easter!

Another Blessed Easter has come and gone. We celebrated by praising and thanking Jesus for dying on the cross! Can you believe it.. God Loved us so much that he gave his only Son, to die, so that we could be free from our sins, and he was crucified but arose from the tomb, and is Alive! and that he will come again one day! Wow, now that's a gift!

All dressed up!

We waited to give the kids their Easter baskets till after Church this year. It was nice to celebrate Jesus first and them let them be kids and excite over there gift. 

We always try to get some summer activities in their basket,
This year they got new fishing poles, watering cans & sand buckets with shovels!

We limited the candy to 2 items;) & they also received 2 books, one a prayer book; which will be awesome to teach them that, no prayer is to unimportant or small to God; and the other
book a story from the bible.

Trace with his carrot golf club ;)
Thinkin he's pretty cool=)

And to end the day Easter Dinner at Mom & Dads =)

This is an awesome video (showed at our church on sunday) That is very powerful,
it gave me chills ;)


Monday, April 2, 2012

DIY Spring Wreath

What better way to add some color to your outside appearance on these 'much awaiting the warmth' days!? A spring wreath! I love anything home made and crafty, so to the drawing boards and from other tutorials i came up with my own version..and here is how you make it =) 

You will need:
-either a straw or foam basic wreath
-about a quarter of a yard of burlap
-various fabrics in small amounts for rosettes
-a glue gun/glue sticks
-tree twigs
-wire (to hang wreath)

You start with your wreath, mine came wrapped in plastic, and i ended up leaving it in the plastic to create less mess ;)

Then take your burlap and cut it into strips, (i used wider strips (as shown) but you can also cut your strips in only 2in thick amounts for a tighter look)

and begin to tightly wrap it around the wreath, gluing as you go..

have the fabric meet in the back, and glue there, as you won't see that area

all wrapped and ready for decor!

Next i made several rosettes..

in case you didn't know rosettes are basically made by taking fabric and twisting it, then twisting it around the start of the fabric, they just take practice=)

tree branches from the great outdoors.

The finished rosettes..

feathers ..of coarse

next i did a basic layout on my table of what i would like my cluster of decor to look like...then i began to add it to the wreath..starting with what you would like to show through the back.

and ta da.. bright colored fun with a little nature and funk all mixed in!

then i cut a small piece of wire about 8 in long, looped it around the wreath, crimped it together on the back of the wreath and it's ready for hanging!

There you have it! Go have fun =)