Friday, April 1, 2011

I Choose Praise..

Well This week has been a busy one, and has varied in weather & tempature quite a bit! Monday started with the normal cleaning and laundry and ended with doctors and grocery shopping with the hubby! Tuesday and wednesday were spent enjoying the some what warmer weather with with a friend to earn some extra money, visiting a new Baby & Mom in the hospital and ending the day with Zumba!
I wasn't good about getting alot of pictures this week but here is a cute one i took of the girls enjoying a book!

Iris & Tyra Reading

Today is also April 1st and no joke it's snowing piles out!
What was starting to look like spring  might show it's self has turned into this..

But despite what we might want or think should be God knows best and theres some reason (that we may not know) for this snow to be here! So instead of worry about why the white stuff is making an appearence, i choose to Praise God for this day and enjoy it with my kids and be thankful that we have this day on earth! And to look on the bright side and remember that it's here today but won't take long to melt from here..spring must come at some point!

So we started the morning making yummy blueberry muffins..i haven't had the time or want to bake in a long time so these hit the spot just right!

Enjoy your day and time today!


  1. Katie I am so glad to see you choosing praise on a day of dreaded snow. I was praying for you today to be encouraged:-)To add to the positive thoughts-it only seems to have amounted to about 7ish inches rather than the possible 10-16 they were calling for!

    I LOVE that picture of Iris & Tyra, and had no idea you took that picture! It's so sweet:-)

    We had the same thinking this morning...seeing I also haven't been baking much lately. I have been working on pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting & this house is smelling luscious! Strange fact-I've also been craving blueberry muffins. I believe it will be my next thing on the list to make.

    Happy to see you had a full week-it makes times go by faster(Spring & the baby to look forward to).

  2. Thank You Stef! I was thinking to i have just like a calm peace about it (and days prior have been anything but) and i was gonna write on here and i prayed for it but i was like no i prayed for no snow..and we have snow so God obviously answered yours prayers girl! =)