Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Birthday Blue, My Boy Turns Two!

         It's hard to believe that my Little "Boo" is already two ! It's so crazy how time continues to fly by whether your looking or not. My morning consisted of an anxious 2 year old waiting for the cupcakes to come out of the oven, gift giving, and a trip to the play ground for fun. Before i knew it my first guests had arrived (my parents, Brother & his girlfriend), let the fun begin!

      The decorations: I have never had so much fun planning the theme and putting it all together as i did for this party! The colors were aqua & Red and the theme little red cars and they mixed just perfect!

     And a party is never a party with out the guests! Even a special guest from SC was able to come and it was espcially nice being it was the birthday boy's Godmother. Asher could hardly wait till everyone got in the door to open that little somthing brought for him. (Will have to work on that for next time, maybe try opening gifts after everyone gets here! :))

Car races!

     Since my son didn't totally dig the cupcake, we decided to take a picture of my Daughter and clearly how much she enjoyed them!

 Grandma & Grandpa with our son Trace.

What a great day and a special memory! Thank you to everyone that came! God sure has blessed us with a special Son!

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  1. Katie I have lots to say...let's see if I remember it all;-)......
    #1-love the pic of Asher waiting on the cupcakes to cook
    #2-love Tyra's outfit for the party
    #3-you did an AWESOME job theming & decorating his party, everything looked tip top shape & so darn cute!
    #4-I can't believe Asher didn't dig his cupcake & had to laugh at Tyra's cupcake face;-)
    #5-what a darling idea to do car races with caution tape-how fun!
    #6-How special to have your families there to celebrate
    #7-i LOVE the picture of Asher sitting on his lawn chair!!
    #8-Cute post:-)) I enjoyed it!