Monday, September 26, 2011


  A family tradition in our house is at least one family trip a year to the apple orchards. It's funny how such a simple process can be so much fun for the whole family! From riding in a tractor pulled wagon, to running through the many rows of trees, to eating apples while you pick. My kids love it! and whats even better is having Papa & Grandma come along!

 Twist & Pull

 Tasty treat!

 Wait for me Papa!

 Take your pick, or pick them all!

I'll pick them ;)


  1. I LOVE the pictures too!! Apples are so pretty:-) Fun times for sure! What orchard do u go to? I like the million different apple choices.

  2. answered my own dumb question...DUH Berlin Orchards as it says on half the pics;-p knock knock Stef! HA

  3. Thanks Emma! and LOL Stef..yes Berlin orchards, it was a beautiful place owned by a couple that just had their 8th child! Pretty Neat =)

    and Stef any idea why it won't let me comment as my google account? it just says this account does not have access to this page!? :/ ~Katie

  4. nevermind stef figured it =)