Tuesday, October 4, 2011

BigE Fun

Much to our enjoyment we arrived to the fair just in time to see these incredible beasts (lol) at
 The Six Horse Hitch Showdown! The show features a parade of draft horses in dress harnesses. It's pretty impressive to stand on the rail of the arena and watch as six of these large animals come down the rail at you. And i'm sure it was a sight to see as me and my Dad (and many others) couldn't stop taking pictures! =)

Together so much they fight like brothers!

The winners out of 18 sets of horses, took home a pretty prize of $30,000!

Baby Trace enjoying the day

 My kids are getting to the point that you have to spend ridiculous amounts of money on 4 tickets that gets them each a ride on a car or train! But they had fun and good thing they have Grandpa rapped around there
little fingers!

Chu-chu train with my lil Man!

Crazy Lady 12 Stories up!

A Blessed day with one of the greatest Blessings of all...family!

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