Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Yummy Oreo Turkeys!

Today my kids and I put together these creations, Oreo Turkeys! They are a little tricky to stick all together (especially with kids at age 2 & 3) but with a little help we did it.

 Tyra proud of her turkey!

 Asher and his turkey!

My kids aren't big into pies so these will be there dessert treat on Thanksgiving Day!

Pies are all made to! Bring on Thanksgiving!

and yes i'm already getting prepared for the next holiday, Christmas cards are ready to be mailed, but we'll wait a couple weeks ;)

This Thanksgiving I am very Thankful and feel very Blessed! God continues to take care of our every need; in His time ;)


  1. Cute turkeys. And cute little helpers! You are amazing! Already have your cards to send out. Wow!
    By the way, what are the eyes on the turkeys? Icing?

  2. Thank you! Yes the eyes are white & black frosting. =)