Thursday, March 8, 2012

Southern Sunshine

We feel very blessed that we were able to get away and take a family vacation this past week. Even with a mild winter and not alot of snow it still feels so awesome to leave all your worries and responsibilities (some of them) behind and escape with just your family. =)

We started are trip by heading to South Carolina to meet our newest nephew, Bransen and to see all the family!

(i will warn you i'm not afraid to take alot of pictures;)

Bransen & Trace, 6 months apart

Me missing the 'Baby" stage ;)

Bridgette & her baby boy Bransen

 We always seem to pick our vacation time around Aaron's birthday, but this year worked great for us to celebrate it with his family down south. He was surprised with a cake and everyone singing to him! Happy 31st Birthday!

some of our nephews

Asher & Trevor
 Asher had a blast playing with his older cousins Gabe & Trevor!


From there we headed south again..destination FLORIDA!

And as you can see we were happy to be there!

Chillin on the rides at the outlets..

We didn't pick the best 1st weekend to be in the Orlando area..with the hype of nascar and the NBA weekend being there it was PACKED! This trip to the outlets we had to park of the grass on the outer area, and they later closed off the roads into the outlets because the area was over packed!
(still worth it ;)

So proud of their purchases from the Disney store!

Never miss a trip to the M&M Store! Yumm!

Girls against boys Ping-Pong

Ready for swimming!

Many hours spent in the pools!

haha..he was hot..were just trying to cool em off ;)
(he didn't like it)

Time to go out!

Shopping at the Mall <3

My Handsome Hubby <3

A little bright for them

Loving the slides!

Our Family

There was the most Beautiful sunsets you could watch from the pier in the evenings. Surely Amazing artwork from our Lord above!

Tyra, Trace & Asher

Enjoying our yummy Cheesecake!

Yeah were good..LoL

They found treasures around the pool in a scavenger hunt!

Tutti Frutti <3


and two.

Off to the beach! This year we tryed out Cocoa Beach

Trace's first trip to the ocean! What is this stuff?

Waiting on the waves..

And as always, our vacation came to an end but we have many good memories and many more pictures! And we are so thankful for all our family time and the beautiful warmth and weather of Florida!

~Blessed Beyond Measure~

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