Monday, July 16, 2012

Camping in the Sticks

Campsites ~ friends ~ lawn chairs ~ campfire ~ pool fun ~ playground ~ smores ~ burgers ~ dirty toes ~ mini golf ~ shuffle board ~ ice cream ~ volleyball ~ yard sales ~ rocking chairs ~ redbull ~

  A couple weekends ago we were blessed to be able to go camping with some awesome friends!

Our kids Loved the pool!

Did i mention it was a little bit warm !?!

Mini Golfing with the kids..

Gabe & Emma =)

Aaron & I

Trying to contain the Boyz at the campfire ;)

Emma & I decided to go to a few yard sales..only to come back with a suburban FULL of things..needless to say i'm thankful they had a truck to help bring things home. Fun Times!

A  couple of our finds..2 rocking chairs ;)

Our daily breakfast by Dad..eggs & toast

Yummy Treats!

So Blessed for this time of relaxation, friends and family!

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  1. haha, I look like I have a big ol' belly in that picture! fun times though!! =)