Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tyra's 5th Tea Party Birthday

Wow! I haven't blogged in for forever! what better time to start back up then Tyra's 5th Birthday party..that's right crazy to think but my little girl is 5!

I gave her some options and she picked a Tea Party.. i wanted to keep it simple yet girly and slightly vintage..especially with Christmas 10 days after her birthday it can get a little crazy around here.

The details...

The place settings..

Tea anyone?

The kids made edible tea cups..

The party girls..

Her Gorgeous Pink cake.. (made by my talented friend Kim)

Thank you all for coming and celebrating with us..It's amazing to see how blessed and fortunate we are with great friends =)


  1. such a cute party! such great pictures:-) We had alot of fun that day! thanks again:-))

  2. absolutely adorable! how do you find the time?! i love all the little details and you have one beautiful little girl :)

  3. Tea is so fun and quite simple. I enjoy my tea things and having tea parties.

  4. It looks like you had a great time preparing it and the girls looked like they were enjoying them selves immensely!!