Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Birthday...To My Blog!

Crazy to think i have been blogging for a year now! It was one year ago that i decided i wanted to try logging my family's and mine memories, share what crafts i make, show some of my many many many pictures i take and share my thoughts and readings from the bible!

And it's crazy to think how much can change in a year..last year at this exact time i was 20 weeks pregnant for our 3rd we are greatly blessed with 1 daughter and 2 boys!

I truly do feel Blessed Beyond Measure! (hense the name of my blog)
Although it is hard to measure how much we are blessed because some times we forget or look past are everyday blessings, such as being able to move around freely, hear my husband on the phone at his lunch break when he calls to say I love you, see our kids play together, being able to jump in our car and drive where ever i might need, not having to worry about what i am going to feed my family because i lack but only having to wonder from all my choices. The everyday blessings that become normal are hard for me to remember as they come so nature, but i am trying to as each day comes be thankful and count each blessings as a gift from God, because we are not promised tomorrow, so I am thankful for Today!  

So thanks for visiting my blog through out this past year and i hope you'll sick around ;)

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