Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DIY Fabric Tutu

I Love anything girly and so does my little girl so when i seen a fabric tutu awhile back i knew i had to make one! It was quite easy and no sewing machine required! and here is the simple steps to make one yourself!

You will need
1/2 elastic
 needle & thread
measuring tape
 (as many different colors as you'd like, i used
 the quilters fabric squares and used 4 of them)

First i measured my daughters waist it was 18 1/2 inches

Then I cut the elastic about 2 inches smaller than her waist (so it will stay on their waist)
 so 16 1/2 inches

Then i sewed the 2 ends of the elastic together..


Then folded the ends back and sewed each side to the main piece..this will
insure it won't come loose.

Then i cut my fabric..
into strips around 1 1/2 inches thick by 22 inches long..
(you can do any width you'd like between 1-2 inches and any length between 18-22 in long.)
Don't worry about cutting exactly straight or perfect as it adds to the character of the tutu.

Next I ironed my fabric pieces, (the fabric i used came folded so i had to get the creases out) but no need to iron if your fabric is flat.

The next step was tying the fabric strips to the elastic waist band. To do this I folded the strips in half and pulled the cut ends through the center of the waist band.

 I then folded the ends back over top of the waist band and pulled them through the loop at the center of the fabric scrap. I pulled firmly to tighten the fabric around the waist band.

Then i repeated that step a few dozen times using different colors all the way around...

and here is the finished product!
From there i did make a fabric Rosette to add to the skirt as seen below.

 And there you go!
It's fun to wear out or play dress up in!


  1. SOO cute, good job:-) Looks so fun to make

  2. thank you! looks great. I am going to use it for my Halloween costume I am making. I am 25 years old haha still can have fun right?