Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Crafts

This week has been busy with crafting! I love it, and am inspired everyday by something or another.

These are some pieces i made for a Christmas Party coming up!
They will be center pieces on the tables.

And of coarse i made an extra one for my door!
Love DIY Decorations that are Inexpensive! =)

These are another project that I have had a blast making!

Christmas Centerpiece Decorations

And these are just a few pictures i took of my daughter Tyra.
She is a natural when it comes to picture taking!

~Blessed Beyond Measure~

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  1. WAY TOO CUTE of Tyra!!! Pretty decorations too! I've had soo many ideas of diy decor this Christmas season too but have no money to go buy random materials to do so lol:-p maybe next year:-)