Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tyra's Fairy Garden Birthday

It's hard to believe but our baby girl is 4! and her being the oldest that seems old to us ;)
And what better way to celebrate than a party..or two. Tyra (by her request also) was so excited to be able to have a girls birthday party during the day inviting some of her friends over!

all dressed up in her princess fairy attire..
 Her banner i made..

Fairy Station
As the girls arrived, Tyra presented them with their special wings & wands.

All the Fairies

Patiently awaiting..

The beautiful Mothers & good friends ;)

The boys got to hang out too..

And into the evening was her family party..

My beautiful Mother & my baby Trace
 What did Papa & Grandma bring??

Daddy's Girl

Tyra & Cousin Mallee

waiting patiently for the 2nd time ;)

We are all partied out for awhile now!
Thank you to everyone that came and spoiled our little girl!

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  1. What a beautiful birthday girl! Cute decorations too.