Friday, February 4, 2011

And The Sewing Begins...

This is what i do to pass the long months of winter..make something, and with a new baby on its way what better to make then baby blankets! This is my newest creation, i know the picture is in B &W but i cant show you the color because that would reveal what i'm having and yep it's a secret =)

                                  Take a guess is it Green, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Tan???


           Well i probally wont tell you anyways but for today this was a fun project to do =)


My kids and I also make it beyond the sliding glass door to atempt to shovel our patio off and play a little..I managed to finish it but i had to learn the hard way that my son does not like the snow..he played for a bit then quickly decided that was enough of the white stuff and screamed while i finished shoveling! Maybe it's the age (18 months) oh well here is our veiw from the back!

  Asher (my son) Tyra (my daughter) was also there but didnt get a pic of her

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