Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day Fun!

So today we finished up, our what seemed to take forever project of making simple and easy valentine cards for family with my little bit young wanting to rip everything son and somewhat ready daughter..phew glad thats done! =)

Well they came out extra cute and all the product came from micheals on sale and with coupons so it was budget approved! Take a look...

And of coarse i had to make my hunni a special valentine...

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!
Have a Happy & Blessed Day!


  1. Your cards came out so cute/pretty!! Your right it is challenging with youngsters trying to "help"! lol:-) BTW...ppl that don't have a blog, can't post a comment on your u know how to add the options of name/url as an option for posting a comment?? That would solve the problem.

  2. Thanks Stef! That would help..silly me =)