Friday, February 18, 2011

A slight taste of spring


Even some grass!

Today we even got to go for a nice long walk with the family! Such a gorgeous day, and a little taste of spring to bad it's only for today cuz tomarrow it's back to winter reailty!
Enjoy while you can!

                                                Enjoying some Valentines Candy =)

I also had fun this morning making my daughter some jewlery to wear! She is deffanetly a girl and loves all this kind of stuff! She was pretty proud to show it off!
Can't wait for my love to come home tonight and out we go! Need to do a little shopping and get out of the house! Gods Blessings!

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  1. Hope you had fun getting out of the house tonight!! I know that feeling, trust me;-) LOVE the picture of Tyra cheesin it up at the camera with her loli. Love the melting pictures too, how encouraging! Darling jewelry for the dolly, good job:-)